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Show an overview of Associations, Clubs, and Events with Uni-Hub!

How it works

Our platform & service in a nutshell.

We provide you with a complete tech solution.

On the platform, organizations can upload all their activities, and students can find all events, associations, communities, meet-ups, news updates and much more.

We will practically run it for you.

Although any help we get is very valuable, our community team will help you implement, launch and promote the platform all year round. We will always make sure the platform is being used by lots of students and organizations on campus.

You get the data insights.

We'll show you how active students are, their interests, behaviors, campus trends, and any other insights that may interest you.

Uni-Life Features

Listed below are some of the features that help you boost the student experience
Data Dashboard
Open API
Personalized Push Notifications
Organization Profiles
Open & Member-Only Events
Student Profiles

We help universities create a better student experience.

Easier to meet people

With the implementation of Uni-Life, the students at our partner universities have been experiencing more comfort and ease in creating more connections with other students. This has been achieved by having availability and information about all the events that are taking place and also by the “Meet-up and Community” features.

More confident about finishing degree

Many factors are influencing the wellbeing of students, loneliness and depression have been one of the major reasons students drop out. Offering students the opportunity to be in a community or find out more about associations and societies from the university, has been proven to increase the number of students that graduate. Students also experience less anxiety during their studies.

More connected to student community

Being part of the social body at your university is a determinant of your wellbeing and motivation during your years as a student. We have focused on bringing students closer and giving them the necessary tools to engage more proactively and be able to take initiative through the app, which has been proven to create a stronger feeling of community.

Easier to develop personally

Uni-Life offers students the chance to see an overview of all the events that are taking place on campus. This way, students have the possibility to check out very diverse associations or organizations and also to find new interests and hobbies.

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Uni-Life's impact on your campus community

Will feel more connected
to the student community
Will find it easier to
develop themselves personally
Will find it easier
to meet people
Will feel more confident
about finishing degree
* all numbers are calculated based on historical performance of Uni-Life at our current university customers

Try Uni-Life Yourself

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Uni-Life Explained

Our solution consists of 3 components

Our Partners

We wanted Uni-Life yesterday to help us achieve the campus ambitions that we strive for today.
VU Logo
For student associations, Uni-Life is a user-friendly app to reach students and grow their member base.
Tilburg University Logo
Before we used Uni-Life, campus events were scattered across lots of platforms. Uni-Life provided the overview we were looking for.
Erasmus University Logo
We've known for a long time that some of our students do not feel connected to the TU Delft community. Uni-Life understood this problem.
TU Delft Logo

The Platform

Uni-Life CMS Web App

Give your students the tools they need to explore your campus and what's happening on it.
Drive student engagement and wellbeing, and gain data insight into your student community.

Uni-Life Website Screenshot

Uni-Life for iOS & Android

Associations and Student Communities can showcase themselves and their diverse events to all students.
Increase event attendance and attract members with Uni-Life.

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Uni-Life App & Statistics

Uni-Life for iOS & Android

Discover new student events, find communities on campus that match your interests, and meet lifelong friends.
Your campus community is just one click away.

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We can make a real difference on your campus.

Uni-Life supports universities to lower dropout rates, recruit new (international) students and understand student needs

Curious if Uni-Life works for you?

We might be able to help!

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